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We pride ourselves in providing consultancy services in agro production. These services range from training to farmer support on all aspects of crop production; agronomically and technically. Our team of experts is made up of experienced agricultural professionals in horticulture, crop protection, sanitary and phytosanitary aspects, agribusiness, crop production standards and certification.

Featured ITEMS
batrolure featured
Combating fruitflies

Since the first detection in Kenya of the invader fruit fly, ​Bactrocera invadens​ presumably from Asia in 2003, the first product, ​BACTROLURE​, for its management is available to farmers in Kenya. 

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False Codling Moth Trap
FCM Pheromone Trap

The management of FCM is faced by many challenges relating to the biology of the pest and thus common measures such as chemical control are not successful. 

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tuta trap
Tuta absoluta Trap

Farmtrack Consulting now introduces the ​TUTA ABSOLUTA​ trap that is meant to control tuta absoluta, the most destructive pest in tomato.  

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